Steelseries sensei raw scroll wheel problem

Steelseries sensei raw 62155 rubberized black wired laser. Steelseries sensei raw laser gaming mouse whitegray. Use the scroll wheel to navigate up and down and press the scroll wheel button to select an option. The soft blue glow from the scroll wheel and the logo at the back will not keep you up at night if you leave your pc on and are easily turned. When i compared the comfort and the design of the sensei with my anker half the price of the sensei, i found myself at a severe disadvantage in fast. Mouse is ambidextrous and it belongs in middle size group. I currently own the mice called steelseries sensei raw rubberized which basically looks like this. So today i just received my steelseries skates that i got off of ebay from a seller named itaktech ebay user named takasta12. I reinstalled the latest drivers for the mouse, used a different mouse, and even a third mouse. Adjusting the sensitivity and a quick stop at a store for a cheapo mousepad with more friction, completely solved my issues.

The company renamed the mouse sensei in 2011, although the design has remained the same for all this time. In the unlikely event that a firmware update failed and the device gets stuck in bootloader mode, steelseries engine 3 will now recognize the bootloader modes of the apex and sensei raw lines and allow you to restore it to the normal mode. The scroll wheel differs too, being much easier to move on the ten. The scroll wheel can act as a smooth unhindered scroll or a notched scroll depending on how you want to. I lost my receipt so didnt even bother contacting steelseries. Steelseries call of duty black ops ii 62157 black orange. These mice have a mechanical encoder for the scroll wheel. I use the scroll wheel on my mouse as a double click button as well, since they support that function. There are fi ve profi les on board the sensei mouse, and they can all be separately. Sometimes, while scrolling my mousewheel down couplefewyearold steelseries sensei raw, it will do an occasional tick up in the midst of all the down ticks. Steelseries sensei raw, laser gaming mouse, 3 zone illumination, 8 buttons. Fix jumpy scroll wheel on steel series sensei mouse youtube. So, ive been tinkering with this on and off the last couple of days to no avail. The steelseries sensei raw is the pure and essential performance edition of the most awardwinning, critically acclaimed gaming mouse in history.

All three can also be turned off when the lights come on. Steelseries sensei ten gaming mouse 18, 000 cpi truemove. Steelseries sensei raw mouse driver steelseries sensei. The scroll wheel has started squeaking, and i cant quite figure out why. When i scroll both up and down occasionally it will scroll down, and it happens more often the faster i scroll.

I scroll down, and the mouse will randomly register up scroll events among the down scroll events. Mouse scrolling up sometimes when i scroll down techpowerup. Laser technology helps you control your favorite games with precision. This steel series sensei raw mouse had a common problem where the encoder wore out over time and scrolling down would scroll up on.

So i bought the steelseries sensei raw rubberized around the same time i ordered my cx750m and all the other components i upgrade. The wireless version looks like a nice addition to the family. Powered by the steelseries engine software suite, the mouse can be configured to meet your exact specifications, including cpi, dcpi, lift distance, and button layout with intuitive drag and drop functionality. Sensei raw has a cheap scroll wheel equivalent to my a rs. If i am not mistaken the sensei raw has a dpi switch button. The middle mouse button works for me, but mouse 4 and mouse 5 do not work in eso, if i click those, it identifies them as middle mouse button. The steelseries claw grip sensei 310 is more comfortable for daily use. Steelseries call of duty black ops ii 62157 black orange 7. Users who prefer palm or claw grips will have no problems using this mouse. How to fix broken steelseries mousewheel axle youtube.

For this test, we recommend using a singlecolor matte surface for optical mice and either a matte or glossy dark surface for laser mice. I had replaced my g600 since the g600 mouse ended up being too bulky, and i disliked the logitech peripheral software. Sep 14, 2014 my significant other and i have been using the steelseries sensei raw for many many years. Rival 700 rival 300 rival 100 sensei sensei wireless sensei raw mike s there can be a variety of reasons for the deterioration of a mouse sensors function. Featuring tournamentgrade components, brilliant white illumination, 7 programmable macro buttons, gaming grade upe material feet and support of the steelseries engine, it is the essence of performance. What is the best alternative to steelseries sensei raw. At first the mouse felt great no problems, now im getting tracking issues. Fix jumpy scroll wheel on steel series sensei mouse duration. This particularly happens if i scroll fast, but even moderate scrolling makes it happen. Use the cpi button to confi rm changes made and the scroll wheel button to cancel changes. Theres a button to switch between two sensitivity options, which is good for onthefly switching when gaming. Keyboard, mouse, and media keys, advanced macros, and launch applications.

This hurts a lot, but appears to be a common problem. You could quite easily set it up so that you can increase dpi when you exit a game at the push of a button. My sensei raw mouse scroll wheel jumps hi guys, ive had my steelseries for about 18 months now and ive noticed the mouse wheel has started to jump when i scroll. Steelseries sensei raw had the same issue, every 8 wheel clicks, the mouse jumped up. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel has an intermittent problem that develops when. Get the best deals on steelseries computer mice and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. Tell us what youre passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. Even microsofts default gpu driver can cause major stutter when scrolling with a wheel, regardless of mouse. Typically, they last 24 years under heavy gaming use. Apr 07, 2019 ive encountered this problem on multiple steelseries sensei raw mice. The main problem ive noticed with their mice is that the scroll wheel begins to. Never had a problem with tracking in either of them clicks. The scroll wheel can act as a smooth unhindered scroll or a notched scroll depending on how you want to use it.

It has a great rubberised texture on the top of the mouse which helps create a good amount of purchase within the hand. Im pretty sure its the mechanical encoder that is causing this. Mechanical scroll wheel encoder is the most common problem, even more common than faulty buttons. First of all, the performance on this mouse is great, and with such a nice price tag. An overclocking forum devoted to maximizing the performance of graphics cards, cpus, motherboards, ram and everything else found inside your computer case. Lcd menu the steelseries sensei is capable of plug and play, and thanks to the lcd menu on the underside of the mouse, you can also customize the sensei on the fl y. Lastly, the texture is matte plastic that feels a little like rubber on the ten. The cpi toggle is locked right under your fingerspalm and can be accidentally pressed during use.

May 26, 2014 when i scroll down wheel, sometimes instead of scrolling down page for example, it scrolls up, thats very annoying, specially in office applications. The side buttons are directly next to each other with very little texturing so it easy to press the wrong button under stress. The mouse wheel is a bit stiff and has a default scroll rate that is painfully slow. Go its common to bind jump to the scroll wheel, i sometimes randomly jump and just gets me killed. When you let go, the menu should appear on the lcd screen. Steelseries sensei raw heat orange features a sleek, glossy black coating light up your wheel, cpi indicator or steelseries logo. The sensei includes 2 rings to both sides of the scroll wheel, a round panel between the scroll wheel and the dpi button, and illuminating the steelseries logo. Steelseries kana v2 full specifications what mouse. The sensei raw has the usual right and left mouse buttons, along with a clickable ratcheting scroll wheel, and two buttons on either side, which are programed by default to be forward and back. And i have both mouse lights off the wheel and logo light.

Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Sensei raw illuminated 7button laser gaming mouse steelseries. Experience the convenience of alexa, now on your pc. Raw has a good weight while kone xtd feels a bit heavy for my taste. Customize and remap all 7 buttons, and adjust the cpi. Id really like not to have to change the scroll wheel keybind. On the mouse i used to use i cleaned the encoder using alcohol and then greased the encoder and it seems to have mostly fixed the issue. I like the the feedback of sensei raw more the my kone xtd mouse scroll wheel. They were all in on it cpi toggle for onthefly highlow sensitivity adjustments.

My last one from this seller only made it 9 months, and my latest purchase from mottodeals died within 60 days and unfortunately is not covered by the steelseries warranty as they are not an. Download steelseries sensei raw mouse driverutility 3. Try changing scrolling sensitivity, removing any type of smooth scrolling plugins, and if it wont help clean your friggin mice. The menu allows you to change settings such as sensitivity, acceleration, and lift distance on the mouse. The problem i had with sensei raw was its scroll wheel started skipping, only way to fix it was taking the mouse apart and fixing the metal bit trust aug 8, 2017 at 10. Pro gaming laser mouse 62150 my favorite gamer mouse is broken. Unfortunately, the support problems loom over an otherwise great mouse. The cursor would move as expected and then for no reason, just stop. The sensor and shape feel good but the scroll wheel and the clicks dont feel right. Please take the following steps to resolve the issue. The thumb button doesnt work anymore after 23 months of use. Mouse wheel scrolling is stuttering techpowerup forums.

Its the worlds most customizable mouse and features its own 32bit arm processor which allows double the sensitivity, to 11,400 dcpi, and can be configured through a builtin lcd menu system on the back with support for up to 16. Suitable for steelseries raw xai sensei fnatic rival100 sensei310 rival310 logitech g403 g603. Dec 05, 20 the sensei raw has the usual right and left mouse buttons, along with a clickable ratcheting scroll wheel, and two buttons on either side, which are programed by default to be forward and back. Even most demanding gamers will be satisfied with this mouse because it offers great performance and clean design. Simple fix using a cocktail stick for when the flimsy axle on the mousewheel snaps, took me about 20 mins and is even stronger than before. Steelseries sensei raw, laser gaming mouse, 3 zone illumination. Fixed steelseries sensei rubberized raw mouse wheel jump. The most important reason people chose steelseries sensei raw is. Anker gaming 2x every single mouse ive tried ends up having trouble scrolling down. Nov 22, 2015 steelseries sensei raw had the same issue, every 8 wheel clicks, the mouse jumped up. The scroll wheel is acting up in shooters and its annoying because its switching weapons non stop. The sensei raw heat orange has a avago adns9500 laser sensor within it, meaning you get great precision whilst surfing the web of gaming. The problem is that my scroll wheel has been bothering me for quite a while. It took about a week which is arguably pretty fast to receive the item despite the seller shipping from china.

The sensei raw has the usual right and left mouse buttons, along with a clickable ratcheting scroll wheel, and two buttons on either side, which are programed by default to. Page 4 led light between the cpi button and scroll wheel. I had a problem where it scrolls upwards slightly and then down whenever i scrolled the. Gaming mice have certainly come a long way from the early days. It features an ambidextrous design, white illumination, and 7 programmable macro buttons. Just got steelseries raw mouse, what should i set my dpi. Back when mice were mainly used for pointing and the thought of having a dedicated one for gaming was merely a dream of thresh, the way that manufacturers differentiated their gaming mice from the regular sort was to make them optical, black and add a clickable scroll wheel. Steelseriess sensei gaming mouse goes wireless the tech report. Steelseries sensei is the original mouse extraordinaire from steelseries. It has amazing exact tech option for adjusting macros, settings and controls.

Ive encountered this problem on multiple steelseries sensei raw mice. Here you can see that with the usb connected there is a bright white lighting in the scroll wheel and on the steelseries. Laser technology helps you maintain accuracy and precision. The sensei ten, is basically the same mouse with the exception of the rgb lights on the rear and scroll wheel giving a range of more diverse colours and colour options. Original alps mouse encoder alps 9mm high accurate for sensei raw rival100 310 solve the roller wheel problem replacement 1pcs.

Personally i found 500 dpi and windows settings 611 in windows doable, but can definitely understand when someone wants to. The sensei raw is a cut down version of steelseries expensive counterpart, that is not to say it is any less well built and functional. You can also enjoy other features like adjustable lift distance, advanced macros, and freemovewhich gets rid of path corrections while gaming. This happens on my rival 300, and my old sensei raw. With steelseries engine, gamers can take full control over the sensei s performance. The steelseries sensei raw laser mouse is a great performing budget mouse. You can change the color of the scroll wheel, logo, and cpi button separately. Confused middle mouse button not working howto geek. Steelseries sensei 310 gaming mouse, 12000 cpi truemove3. The sensei has four side buttons, with two on each side. Do you think if i uninstall steelseries engine it would fix the problem. Slant 20 best alternatives to steelseries sensei raw.

The 7 buttons on this steelseries sensei raw 62159 mouse can easily be programmed to help you quickly access your favorite game commands. Fixed steelseries sensei rubberized raw mouse wheel jump 7. The wire that comes with the heat orange is nicely braided and what i like most about the wire is that it has the orange theme throughout the wire. Steelseries sensei raw is ranked 4th while steelseries rival is ranked 7th. The lights on the mouse are also extremely customizable with the steelseries software. Confused middle mouse button not working howto geek forums.

Oct 01, 2011 steelseries sensei is gaming mouse with laser sensor with up to 5700cpi. Slant 20 best alternatives to steelseries sensei raw as. It has an onthefly cpi switch with 5 states and the mouse can store three different macro profiles and can switch between them with a button press. After a while the scroll wheel registers upticks while scrolling down. Original alps mouse encoder alps 9mm high accurate for sensei. The steelseries raw heat orange is the purified form of the original steelseries sensei. Or turn it all off fnatic, sk, eg, navi, ehome, tyloo. It has led light on scroll wheel for different profiles you can set up in software.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in the early stages, i only realized that i could actually fix it once i realized what the problem was. Buy steelseries sensei laser gaming mouse raw rubberized black. Steelseries sensei raw frost blue edition laser gaming mouse. Steelseries sensei laser gaming mouse raw rubberized black. Steelseries kana v2 is great gaming mouse with advanced optical sensor and switches for tournament mode. Oct 17, 2019 the sensei ten looks almost identical to the steelseries xai that debuted back in 2009. The steelseries sensei raw is the performance edition of the awardwinning sensei.

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