Homemade gun cleaning patches

And after that work is done, they wipe away leftover solvent, oil, debris or other moisture to protect the bore of your favorite shotgun, rifle or handgun. Skyline stack pack patches are 100% cotton flannel for exceptional absorption and cleaning. Natural heavy duty gun cleaning patches are made of 100% canton flannel single napped 10oz material designed for all your tough bore cleaning projects. See what customers said about these highly rated items.

Care for your gun better than before with midsouth gun cleaning patches, in stock now. Each patch can be used up to 6 times, offering 6 new cleaning surfaces. Its highly effective at getting rid of carbon fouling and burned lubricant, so it does a great job on the working parts of semiauto rifles and pistols or for general cleaning. These tools should be of high quality to prevent breakage and damage. Highly absorbent, to soak up excess oils and solvents, these cotton patches come in a variety of sizes for cleaning the interior and exterior of your gun. Clearly, in contrast to bullets, we send a wide range of cleaning diameters down our barrels. A gunsmith whos cleaned thousands of gun barrels reveals what so many shooters do wrongand make their rifles shoot badly. Each kit includes a caliberspecific cleaning head, one dozen dry 78 round cotton patches and plain felt cleaning buttons in reusable fliplid containers. Otis technology cleaning kits sale otis cleaning tools otis. These products work as well as or frequently better than the commercial products, and the product of the month and cost less.

Muzzleloader cleaning patches for sale at midsouth shooters. Gun cleaning patches cotton cleaning patches midsouth. Each gun cleaning patch we carry is 100% cotton flannel, double napped, nonfraying, and made in the usa. Rifle rods are 36 from tip to head not including the extra tail for easy extraction should the rod get stuck for any reason.

These gun cloths by the professionals choice take away any excess compounds that could affect how your gun functions. Central pennsylvania and southwest florida the guy is sure taking a beating for offering a suggestion. Otis technology cleaning kits sale otis cleaning tools. How to use gun cleaning jags gone outdoors your adventure. Saves weight and space, perfect for hunting or shooting excursions.

I have tried using paper towels for my pistols, rifles, and shotguns for cleaning patches and they always tear. Acetone is a good solvent for most plastics and synthetic fibres including those used in laboratory bottles made of polystyrene, polycarbonate and some types of polypropylene. To do this i go through a lot of gun cleaning patches. As a heavyduty degreaser, it is useful in the preparation of metal prior to painting. The professionals choice 100% cotton knit white square patches supply the finest solution in assuring that your weapon is thoroughly cleaned. Bright cleaner lubricant preservative metal cleaning oil aerosol spray 4 ounces. Jun 10, 2016 like any gun solvent it can be a skin irritant too, so use gloves or barrier cream when youre cleaning your guns. These are patches after soaking the barrel with some liquid cleanersa member on another forum sent me a link for a homemade electric bore cleaner,so i said what the hell,ill try it out. Most gun cleaning patches are made from 100% cotton. This is a discussion on building my own cleaning kit within the gun care forums, part of the gunner forum category. Cleaning is most effective when done while the barrel is still warm to the touch from firing.

I am not a perfectionist but when it comes to cleaning my guns i want my barrels to be perfectly clean. Range 365 may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes while it breaks down and loosens the copper fouling, then use a bore brush or clean patch to remove the gunk before pulling through with an oiled patch. Highquality, 100% cotton flannel patches in convenient, resealable bags of 100. The included universal cleaning kit consists of three brass rods, one handle, two slot tips for patches, two solid brass jags, five bore brushes. Our timetested cleaning patches accurately apply and spread our cleaners, degreasers, lubricants and protectants, helping these chemicals more effectively do their jobs.

Manufactured from the industrys sturdiest components, each of the professionals choice knit cloths provides the. Our cleaning systems feature memoryflex cables which allow for breechtomuzzle cleaning without disassembly. Bore techs gun cleaning patches are superior to other lower quality patches. It is ideal for thinning fiberglass resin, cleaning fiberglass tools and dissolving twopart epoxies and superglue before hardening. I enjoy shot after shot all day long at the shooting range whether it is with one of my shotguns, one of my rifles, or with my handgun or when the crosshairs are on a big game animal in a safe shooting scenario. Our gun cleaning patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on cleaning preference, gun type and caliber. Birchwood casey truoil gun stock finish 8 oz 23035 gun stock cleaner. You guys that use paper towels must be using better quality paper than me. Hoppes makes great gun cleaning products but i need to be cost conscious. Lubricate a patch with gun oil and run this down the barrel, which will leave a light coating of oil on the bore. Product title outers shotgun all gauge 98300 cleaning kit with sto. Now you can choose your favorite size and shape of brownells cleaning patch without buying more than you need. I have been using and testing gun cleaning patches for over 30 years. I used a plastic drink mix container as a staring point and steps are listed below.

Like any gun solvent it can be a skin irritant too, so use gloves or barrier cream when youre cleaning your guns. The rod also has to go along with the size of the bore. Top 10 best gun cleaning solvents of 2020 guns cleaner. Style please select pistol rifle rifleshotgun shotgun. It enables you to reach the parts of the gun you cant clean by hand. I start by cutting off the shoulders, the neck, and the bottom hem. What works for me, i usually field strip, clean, and reassemble the guns at the range while the metal is still warm i run some solvent patches 23 i then clean the other parts of the gun after that i use the brush a few times and then follow with a few solvent and oil patches it all takes less than ten minutes per gun. We have gun cases, safes, cleaning supplies, tools, cotton cleaning patches, manuals and more for sale from great brands like hornady, montana xtreme, hoppes, allen and more. The first step in fitting jag and patch to bore is to select a jag. The knit cotton is soft and cleans faster than synthetic patches.

Repeat several times until the patches start coming out clean. Find out why shooters prefer our square patches and round patches when they need rifle, pistol, and shotgun cleaning patches. This recipe makes a very good generalpurpose solvent. As you just made a significant investment, you might want to spare some money. How to make your own gun cleaning kit daves homestead.

Like most of you im certain, i love to shoot my guns. Saturate a cotton patch with eds red, wrap or impale on a jag and push it through the bore from breech to muzzle. I think a thank you would have been more appropriate whether you think it is a good. One day while looking at one of my old tshirts i noticed it was made of 100% cotton. Forums and product comments at vendor sites provide some interesting insights ranging from one. Otis technology cleaning kits are the primary focus of this popular weapons maintenance company. Making an electric bore cleaning kit firearms talk the.

Reinstall jag back on the cleaning rod and run another solventsoaked patch down the bore. I want the last one coming out of the barrel perfectly clean. The professionals choice 100% cotton knit white square patches. Marksman precision gun patch megaroll strong 100% double brushed cotton cloth 10,000 absorbent patches cut to size clean rifle handgun shotgun black powder pistol revolver shooting hunting. A good gun cleaning patch has to be strong so it doesnt fall apart when you push it down the bore. Building your own cleaning kit is a cheap and efficient alternative. I can understand the need to save money for gun cleaning, but how much do you save in one year, five years, etc per the old army manual from valley forge to wwii, the army said to use hot soapy water, dry patches and oil to preserve bores. Ideally, a handgun cleaning kit should have a brush, cleaning swab, cleaning swag, cotton patches, cleaning rods, and doubleended brushes. The best gun cleaning patches 2016 gun cleaning tips. Dec 22, 2015 gun cleaning patches have to be lint freewell they dont have to be but i hate lint left in the bore and chamber, so i wont use a patch that leaves lint everywhere. How to cut cleaning patches for your black powder guns duration. Store all of your cleaning supplies in this handy toolboxthis handy wooden toolbox keeps all of your gun cleaning supplies in one place, supports your firearm while cleaning, and includes a high quality 17 piece cleaning kit. Packaged in resealable bags of for convenient transportation and storage uses in the field, at the shop or on the range. Gun cleaning patches have to be lint freewell they dont have to be but i hate lint left in the bore and chamber, so i wont use a patch that leaves lint everywhere.

Or, if you are like me and already have some gun cleaning materials from past gun purchases, you may not need to buy a complete kit. Homemade hardwood floor cleaner for sparkling floors. Allens cotton patches are just what you need to keep your firearm cleaned and maintained. Gun cleaning patches buy the best gun patches for rifles. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

Convenient 100 paks for takealong or easier bench storage. Dec 18, 2016 why you should make your own gun cleaning kit. Birchwood casey super black touch up pen, flat black 15112. Additionally, the best 9mm handgun cleaning kit should have a bronze and nylon brush.

I finally arrived at the solution in the pics below. When attached to the slotted tip, they form a perfectly circular cleaning swab to allow for 360 degree coverage. The popularity of commercial cleaning patches presents an interesting phenomena among gun enthusiasts. The coated cables and brass components wont scratch your firearm and the 100% cotton patches are proprietary and offer a more complete cleaning.

In operation since 1985, otis technology has been striving to create the highest quality cleaning tools on the market for over two decades, and theyve largely succeeded. Run several dry patches down the bore to remove any excess solvent. Building my own cleaning kit gunner forum gun forum. Here by popular request is some information on alternative products and information on making up your own cleaning, lubricating, and related items for shooting and reloading. Otis tech cleaning kits use the unique breechtomuzzle cleaning methodology to methodically scour. Ive tried just about every brand that i could find and have made some out of old tshirts and socks. There are three distinct sections to the jag patch bore relationship.

Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol you want, to the black powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like lyman, cva, traditions, tc, pyrodex, blackhorn 209, and many more. Hi guys, rather than buying a gun cleaning kit i think i should build my own and another forum member suggested. Just soak a patch in it, then pull it through the barrel. It is used as a volatile component of some paints and varnishes.

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