Gib and cotter joint assembly drawing pdf

Open the assembly part then open the all parts one by one. Assembly drawings and dis assembly drawings internal choice will be given between an assembly drawing and a dis assembly drawing. All the above parts can be visualized if you take a look at the exploded view shown below. Keys are machine elements used to prevent relative rotational movement between a shaft and the parts mounted on it, such as pulleys, gears, wheels, couplings, etc. Instructions the parts and assembly of the cotter joint is. Rods, having axial tensile or compressive forces are connected by cotter joints. From the foregoing it can be seen that the described gib, gib cotter bolt assembly, and gib cotter bolt screen assembly are each possessed of unique advantages. What are the practical application of cotter joint. In hindi gib and cotter joint assembly drawing in hindiab classes,md, duration. Result thus the 3d assembly of the knuckle joint has been created on the software catia v5 with accurate dimension and with all respects. Exercises in assembly and detailed drawings of 1 sleeve and cotter joint, socket and spigot joint, knuckle joint, gib and cotter joints 4sheets. Assembly 2 computer aided design manufactured goods scribd. Engineering graphics course structure partsunits topics marks. Get details of tailstock part and assembly drawing pdf.

Cotter joint in solidworks, sketch, 3d model and its assembly, only for education purpose here is an animation video for cotter joint assembly explod. Automobile engineering83 about us types of gear pdf, gib and cotter joint, socket and spigot joint, classification of brakes, types of fire in hindi, application of cotter joint, different types of brakes and their applications, type of fire in hindi, arduino projects ideas, mechanical drill. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Now, let us learn more about the sleeve and cotter joint.

Cotter joint a cotter joint is used to connect rigidly two coaxial rods or bars which are subjected to axial tensile or compressive forces. Marking scheme engineering graphics all questions are to be answered correctly and accurately. A design procedure of cotter joint cotter joint introduction before going into detailed steps to design and find dimensions of cotter joint, it is necessary to understand clearly the various components, their functions and assembly of cotter joint. Knuckle joint introduction, parts and applications. Cotter joint uses one or two cotters to connect two rods rigidly transmitting forces and motion, with no rotation of the rods 3.

This is the only book on machine drawing, incorporating the. Gib and cotter joint test 01 assemble drawing 571k. However, modifications and equivalents such as readily occur to those skilled in the art are intended to be included within the scope of this. Show the assembly of pulley with gib headed key and with part of the shaft whose diameter. Test 01 question strap joint with gib and cotter 244k. Some of the parts are a bit more challenging than others, but none of them are meant to be difficult. Cotter joints for square rods gib and cotter joint 3. Draw the different parts of detailed drawing for sleeve and cotter joint by. The use of gib and cotter enables the parallel holes to be used.

Gib and cotter joint and its design engineers gallery. Cotter joint is widely used to connect the piston rod and crosshead of a steam engine, as a joint between the piston rod and the tailor pump rod, foundation bolt etc. Gib heads are sometimes provided on taper keys t o facilitate their withdrawal. Gib and cotter joint a sleeve and cotter joint is used to connect two. Table proportions of taper sunk keys for various shaft sizes. Gib and cotter joint autodesk inventor part design and. Autocad mechanical practice drawings pdf free download autocad exercise book. It is uniform in thickness but tapering in width generally on one side. Rods may be of different cross sections like circular or square. To understand the type of fits and tolerances used in assembly.

Make a movie to show the locking condition using drive constraints. Java project tutorial make login and register form step by step using netbeans and mysql database duration. Coaxial holes are provided in the fork end, eye end and. What is a cotter joints a cotter is a flag wedge shaped piece of steel. We collected most searched pages list related with tailstock part and assembly drawing pdf and more about it. Assembly and removal of these joints are easy as they are simple in shape. In a sleeve and cotter joint, the cut slots are always made a little bit wider than the width of the cotters in order to promote wedging action of the cotters over the slots. Single riveted lap joint 8 i drawing rivet with both heads.

A cotter is a flat wedge shaped piece of rectangular crosssection and its width is tapered either on one side or both sides from one end to another for an easy adjustment. Introduction to computer aided drafting computeraided design and drafting cadd, is the use of computer for design and design documentation. Figure 1 shows the parts of a keyed joint and its assembly. A mechanical joint is a section of a machine which is used to connect one or more mechanical. The locking device may be a taper pin or a set screw used on the lower end of the cotter. Sleeve cotter joint pdf the working of the cotter andsleeve and cotter and gib are shown below. Following are the three commonly used cotter joints to connect two rods by a cotter. Engineering drawing iii for technical high school students.

Machine drawing what are the types of cotter, how to draw cotter joint, how to make a pin joint, how is a knuckle joint constructed, and how is a knuckle joint drawn. Gib and cotter joint creo part design and assembly. The taper varies from 1 in 48 to 1 in 24 and it may be increased up to 1 in 8, if a locking device is provided. Cotter joint has mainly three components spigot, socket and cotter as shown in figure 9. Introduction to 2d drafting drawing, editing, dimensioning, layering, hatching, block, array, detailing, detailed drawing. This joint is used to join two rods of square or rectangular in cross section. Use contact solver follow the parametric relations given. This book on machine drawing is written, following the principles of drawing, as recommended by bureau of indian standards bis, in their standards titled engineering drawing practice for schools and colleges. The knuckle joint assembly consists of the following major components. Spigot is formed on one of the rods and socket is formed on the other. Gib and cotter joint autocad 3d machine drawing assembly. Autocad 3d machine drawing assembly learn in easy way. See all design to learn to design and assemble the parts in diff ways and methods.

A gib and cotter joint is usually used in strap end or big end of a connecting rod. Cotter and knuckle joints understanding engineers gallery. Knuckle joint is named so because it is free to rotate about the axis of a knuckle pin. Assemble the parts by using the tools edit and save if necessary.

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